Newsletter Winter 2017







Chair’s Introduction

Hello Everyone

It was a marvellous and inspiring concert performance we gave in April of the Bach B Minor Mass.  The effort and sheer hard work that so many of us put in to learning the work and that John put in to teaching us about the Mass and Michael demonstrating to us how to do it, truly paid dividends.

This concert has a very different feel with its concentration on “Utterly Italy” pieces, especially those that celebrate the 450th birthday of Monteverdi and with so many other pieces the coming of Christmas.  It is greatly to John’s credit that he had brought us so far in our learning of the works that we have been able to sing a number of the pieces unaccompanied and perfectly in tune. Well done to all the singers and to John and Michael, our marvellous accompanist – now we have to work hard on some of those really tricky notes and the interpretation of the pieces, alongside our working with the soloists and the orchestra, to do them true justice on the night of the concert on 16 December.

This newsletter sets out arrangements for the concert in the section by our Concert Manager, Ron Gordon.  Please do take note and ask if you have any queries.  Ken Darvill, our hardworking Librarian, gives information about the sheet music for retention or return at the end of the concert, and asks for information to prepare for next term, which starts on Monday, 8 January.

Ticket sales are going well.  Our excellent soloists should be helping with this.  It would be very satisfying to ensure that we have a sell out in advance of our final week.  Please do make sure that after all the rain and wind, posters are still in place, shops are displaying the flyers (they often like to do so nearer the time of the concert, so now is the time to ask if you have not already done so), and all your friends and family have been asked and had the opportunity to get their tickets in good time.

Wishing everyone a very happy concert and a wonderful season of joy and celebration.

Vivien Salisbury



Notes from the Concert Day Manager.

As usual, this contribution is about the non-musical aspects of the concert but they all add to the success of the concert!

Dress Code – Vivien will be speaking about the Dress Code in the run up to the concert but as usual, please no aftershave/perfumes that are likely to aggravate allergies and affect singer’s voices.

Timetable – John has confirmed the timing of the rehearsal. He aims for a prompt start at 2pm so please be ready and settled in place by that time. The Choir rehearsal will continue to somewhere between 4.15 – 4.45pm.

Access to the Church- when you arrive for Saturday’s rehearsal and the performance please enter through the vestry door. This avoids disturbing the orchestra area-but see Security below.

Security –   The Church itself and surrounding area is a high-risk area prone to opportunistic theft of personal property.

It is important that valuables are not brought to rehearsals or the performance. There will be a volunteer steward – probably Matt Pedley – providing security at the vestry door.  It is important that the vestry door is not left open or closed “on the latch” at any time.

Take the normal precautions of not leaving any items on display in your car and lock your vehicle.

Helpers. We have an active team of Volunteers acting as Stewards/ Front of House/Security and setting up.  None of this is particularly onerous – we hire a fit team of scouts for the heavy stuff! However, some additional volunteers are needed.  If any members have friend/partners willing to be involved and join the team, please let me know.   Additionally, many hands make light work –  willing helpers are sought for 10/15 minutes after the performance to tidy the church to its normal setting. Please let me know 01494 862580/07745290886 /

Car Parking

Access Road – There are double yellow lines on the road leading up to the church. Furthermore, emergency vehicle access must be preserved.

Disabled.  Parking spaces are very limited. Those with a real need for priority disabled parking please let me know – contact details above – with name, make and model of car and registration.  An A5 sheet with letter I will be made available at rehearsals.

Choir/Volunteer Helpers.  Parking on the unmade road down from the top gate in the evening of the concert is limited to those members who help clear afterwards.  Please let me have your name, make and model of car and registration. An A5 sheet with letter   X will be made available.

These sheets should be fixed or held inside the windscreen on the left side to be seen by the parking stewards on arriving at the car park entrance.

Tickets for collection at the Door – If you wish to organise tickets to be collected at the door please place them in a white envelope BOLDLY marked with the names of the person collecting them, and whether payment has/has not been made.

Ron Gordon


Treasurer’s message

Thank you to those people who have kindly added donations to their subscriptions this season. This has raised £170 for Choir funds.

Other items, e.g. bring and buy and online shopping have raised over £50. Thank you.

With Christmas fast approaching, please consider using the Easyfundraising website if you wish to shop online. Details on how to do this are given below.

Music folders

The Choir has now purchased some music folders which will be very useful for holding our music as well as looking more professional when used in concert performances. We are asking members to purchase these for £5.50, as it is otherwise quite a heavy outlay for the choir. The folders will be your own personal property. I shall be selling them at each rehearsal.

Online shopping

For those of you who shop online, we are trying to raise additional funds for our choir, through links to a website which will give us commission on sales from online shopping.

Easyfundraising. This website will give commission of up to 15% on sales. There are links from this site to over 600 Brand Name retailers, including Amazon, B & Q., BHS, Curry’s, Marks and Spencer, and Waterstones. It costs us (and you) nothing. It is free to use.

How to access:

  1. Go to This will take you to that company’s website.
  2. Create an Account
  3. Select ‘Support a good cause’
  4. Select Great Missenden Choral Society as your chosen charity from the dropdown list.
  5. Register yourself as a user.
  6. Enter your details including a password.
  7. Await acknowledgment of the registration
  8. When you want to shop, login and start shopping. There is a list of all the available companies shown on the website.
  9. If you choose, you can prompt a reminder whenever you go to a website which supports Easyfundraising, e.g. Expedia, if you go to that company’s website without going via Easyfundraising.
  10. There is a link to Easyfundraising on the GMCS website if you wish to use it.

Thank you if you are able to support the choir in this way.

Naxos recordings

Many of the items which we sing, as well as much other music, is available to listen to via Naxos online. To listen to these recordings go to:

Bucks CC Library website

Reference and Enquiries

Naxos online

Enter BUCKSxxxxxxxx (where x is your Library Membership number)

Type the name of the music into the Search box: e.g. CPE Bach Magnificat

You then get a list of the recordings available

Select the recording

Select play

You cannot save the recording to a disk.

Geoff Povey

Return of music and next term

The three week period between the concert and the first rehearsal on 8th January is a busy time for me. I have to check that all the scores from this concert have been returned, ensure that all markings are rubbed out and then post them back to the choirs from whom we hired them or return them to the Bucks library service.

Then I am preparing for next season. I check in the scores that have been pre-ordered that arrive either by post or need collection from libraries. I then allocate them to folders for choir members.

Everyone can help me if you could please:

Ken Darvill  01494 713217


After all the hard work and exhilaration of the concert, we like let our hair down and celebrate with our Christmas Party, which takes place on 18 December, the Monday after the concert, at 7.45 pm in the Oldham Hall.  It is an opportunity to bring friends or family, if you wish, and to eat, drink and be merry.  We have a seasonal meal, with first drink included in the price of the ticket which is £8 per person, lots of fun, chat and laughter with all our colleagues throughout the choir and our Friends and a chance to sing carols together as a start to our holiday festivities.  Tickets are available at any of the choir rehearsals from now until the concert.

December 11th, 2017